Monday, March 21, 2011

Mission Trip 2011

Hello Everyone,

Fountain of Life Lutheran Church is putting together another team headed to Quito, Ecuador. July 24th - August 5th!!! Them team is coming together with 19 people and counting. Praise God!!!

Please start to pray for the Mission Ecuador in the following ways:
  1. For the families we will be ministering to in Quito.
  2. The mission of Pan De Vida where we will be doing VBS with the children and working on the facility.
  3. For each members relationship with God to grow stronger
  4. The members of the team stay healthy.
  5. For each person who reads this or works with us is touched by God
  6. Help us to stay focused on God and not allow our fears or anxieties get in the way
Thank you for all the prayers. They help out more than you know. Look forward to writing more later as the team comes together to keep everyone one posted about what is happening.

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