Monday, August 1, 2011

Feeling refreshed!

Good morning from Quito!

We had a nice day yesterday enjoying the day in Quito. We helped serve lunch at Pan de Vida (fed 163 for lunch), then went to lunch at either McDonalds or KFC (no different from the US). While in lunch, a hard thunderstorm came and it even hailed! It lasted about 20 minutes, but then on and off during the day. Lucky for us, we only planned on some walking around an artisan market that was mostly enclosed. We came back to the hostel and our ER hosts made us spaghetti in the hostel. What a nice treat instead of going out to dinner each night. We relaxed in the hostel and prepared for this weeks VBS, too. Today's VBS lesson is on Jesus staying in the temple, so pray as we try to teach the kids "Big big house" in English with the hand motions. I am sure it will be a sight to see! Hopefully we can get a video and show back at Fountain of Life.

The construction crew is at it again, with the roof/floor for the 2nd floor being started today. Matt joined the building team, so he is going to learn to mix concrete the Ecuadorian way as well.

The rest of us will hopefully finish painting the wall today, if it does not rain.

Thanks for all of the comments - we love to hear from you and know what is happening in Kernersville. Keep praying for our strength!


  1. Hey Mom, it's Abbey. It looks like you all are having fun.we had a storm too, it didn't hail but it was ironic. Dad, Hannah and Emily wanted it to storm during the kickball games and Dad didn't want it to storm during softball practice. It ended the other way. Sunny for kickball, stormy for softball.
    Love ya:)

  2. Yay! I see Debbie and Mark! We miss you guys. The weather has been brutal here, but the water in your pool is just fine. Nah, just kidding! (Or am I...?) Hey Bekka, don't worry, we've been trying to keep your mom sane while you're gone. Matt, I hung out with your mom a bit on Saturday -- I think she's pretty proud of the work you're doing. Can't wait to see all of you again. Keep up the great work.

  3. Looks like everyone needs a dose of the caffeine that is left in the bottle on the table. Glad to hear that everyone is still doing GREAT. Matt just LOVES to learn new things...just ask him! What an AWESOME testimony yesterday in church. It appears that early service got Abbey's and late got Matt's. Abbey wasn't even in early service to see it (Craters were in late service for a change). Looking forward to seeing everyone again, seeing pictures and listening to everyones experience. Maybe we just need to cancel all of our plans for Sunday and just plan on being in church all day! What an awesome experience that would be! Remember to bring some of the cool weather back with you at the end of the week. We sure could use a cool down! Prayers continue to flow and we are praying that you all have another good week with VBS and a productive construction week.

  4. Bekka-wake up! You look half-asleep in the picture. I miss you. Keep up all the good work. I'm. sure the kids will miss you when you're gone. Larry says hi to all and that he can't wait to see you all on Saturday and Sunday.

  5. Looks like Debbie's giving Megan some help on her Solitaire game? Looks pretty intense though by the look on Matt's face. Glad to hear you all were able to have some down time. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless and guide your work there. Have a great week.

    Tell Megan we are at the beach this week, we miss not having her with us. Weather was rainy all the way down here yesterday, but the sun finally popped out mid-afternoon today. So here comes the heat again! Miss you and love you, Megan!

  6. great to finally see a picture of you..looks like you all may be a bit tired..hope you are all getting enough rest..the weather here continues to be hot..I miss you..
    Love to all..

  7. Hey that was fun seeing a picture. You guys are running the race and your going to make it to the end! May God bless you greatly in your final days, fill you all with energy, and may the Holy Spirit fill you all with God's love that all of His goodness shines out brightly through you. Your ambassadors of the King! I pray VBS goes great along with all other activites. Can't wait to hear all the stories!

    LYS to Rebekah!! You've got a lot of people at Mt. Olive praying for you and the team.