Sunday, July 31, 2011

Awesome worship service! (Day 8)

Good morning from Ecuador! We had an awesome worship in our hostel this morning. We sang songs and hymns, read the same scriptures that you read in church today and had a Bible study on "strength". For those of us still here, please pray for physical, emotional and spiritual strength as we continue to do Gods work here in Quito.
Yesterday was a more relaxing day after a hard week of work. We helped with a yardsale at Pan de Vida then went to Mitad de Mundo (center of the world, the equator), or so we thought. Dave brought his GPS to see if it was real, and unfortunately, it was off by about 300 yards. We still took a picture in front of the monument.
We had a reflection time with Oscar yesterday, where we shared what this week has meant to us. We all have changed from when we first arrived and cannot wait to share that with you. It was an emotional time for all.
We said good bye to 7 team members last night, and last we heard, they made it safely to Atlanta. Our prayers were with them as they travelled back home. We will miss them and are excited to see them again next week for our worship service. Dave is leaving this afternoon for his additional adventures in Brazil, so pray for safe travel for him, as well.
Today is another relaxing day, more team bonding and a chance to get some souvenirs for our loved ones back home. We are helping with lunch and the service at Pan de Vida (Mark will hopefully get a chance to play the drums or bongo for the music at the service, too) then off for our day.
One of the scriptures for today in the Gospel of Matthew is about Jesus feeding the 5000. Without knowing that, we had actually chosen that lesson for our VBS theme tomorrow. God is sure in control of what we are doing at Pan de Vida.
Blessings to you from Quito, and please pray for our renewed strength! Still trying to get pictures... (but we will definitely have them next week during the worship services and Sunday school hour).


  1. Just got back from the airport, everyone arrived safe if very tired. Lots of happy tears from mothers and fathers and children being reunited. For those of you still there, keep up the good work and we will continue to pray for you. Larry says he did not need the tax money. May God continue to bless your ministry and keep you well.

  2. Thanks to all of you for your hard are an inspiration to us all. We can't wait to hear all about your adventures and how God has lead you throughout this journey. We miss you (especially Megan) and hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for the updates. We will keep you all in our prayers for you to continue His work this next week. Enjoy your day of rest, you earned it! God bless you!

  3. So glad to have these updates on the events in Ecuador, and very glad to know folks have travelled safely back home...definitely praying for Dave today as he makes his way to Brazil. So much love for you all and a special hello to Kathy, who's daily phone call is so missed!

  4. Pictures next Sunday at church! COOL, I didn't know the team was coming back through California next weekend!! ;-) We wish.....

    Glad everyone is doing fine. Our prayers are with you!

  5. Debbie Travis called me with a greeting from Kathy. The first group is home safely. It was comforting to know Dave has his GPS for the upcoming week. If it can identify where he is with an margin or error of 300 yards, that is a lot closer than his 2002 trip excursion to Brazil. Debbie told me how hard you were working and the great receptivity you are having. Thank you, all.

    This morning at church, they showed an excellent video of Abby Crater, telling how last year's mission trip started her thinking about how she can serve people in need in the Triad. Our church is serving locally, regionally and globally. Not only does the mission trip plant seeds of faith in the people of Quito, but also in the hearts of the mission team.

    We look forward to your report at church next Sunday.

  6. Please tell Kathy that Dave is relaxing at the hotel in Panama Sunday night. That leg went well.

  7. Hi Mom, it's Abbey again. Hope you and the rest had a good day to day. The others got back home safe and sound, the rest of us just plane miss all of you. Well, it's almost 10 and I promised Grammy Iwould watch "The Glades" with her.
    Love ya:)

  8. Home safe... took every bit of time we had to get throught the Quito airport. Tell Steve I left a message for Salena and will show them how much he is working and tell them how much he loves them. Praying for rest and physical strength for all of you. Missing Quito already. Have a great week.