Thursday, July 14, 2011

Less Than Two Weeks

I am happy to say we are fully funded and still the money keeps rolling in!! Praise God.  He has provided more than enough funds for our initial projects! Now we are able to build a bathroom as well!!!  It's great we have plumbers coming down with us, and many people who have a construction background.  God is using all of our gifts to help Pan De Vida, and the people of Quito. 

Please keep the team in your prayers as we prepare our hearts, mind, and body for the mission God is sending us on. The names of all who are going are the following: Debbie, Mark, Chris, Stephanie, Megan, Sarah, Pat, Matt, Bekka, Larry, Gwen, Lourdes, Steve, Kathy, Dave, Erica, Debbie, Dinene, and Rebekah. 

Thank you for the prayers and support.

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  1. That is so awesome Rebekah on the funding! Hey when God wants you to go somewhere, He'll provide all the needs....