Friday, July 29, 2011

What an awesome day!

We had another very busy day on Thursday! We had 54 kids in VBS learning about Jonah and the big fish. The craft was a winner! We got the outside of the wall painted and all of the trimming finished. We started to paint the inside of Pan de Vida and will finish that today and next week. The building crew has the columns started and all of the holes filled with concrete. They are learning how to mix concrete the Ecuadorian way!
We ate dinner at the food court in the mall, and the ice cream is wonderful! From there we rode to Zambiza dump to feed the workers, but hit a snag. The gatekeepers would not let us past the gate. They would not call the supervisor who knew we were coming. We knew it was Satan was getting in our way and blocking us from serving the workers. We said a prayer on the bus and within minutes the gatekeepers opened the gate! Praise God!
We made 100 sandwiches, fruit and hot chocolate to feed to the miners (that is what they call themselves) and set up the feeding area. We heard from Pastor Josea and his wife about their ministry there and all they are doing to provide for the miners. Once the miner started coming, we greeted them and handed out the food. We also gave them gift bags that contained a t-shirt, socks, soap, toothbrush, tooth paste and soap. They were very appreciative and wanted to personally thank us. We got a chance to talk with them and take a few pictures, and we were blessed by being able to get to spend some time with them. What a moving and God-filled time we all experienced.
Today we go to the Volcano Amusement Park with the kids, then back for painting and cleaning. We will try to call home tonight after 8:30pm your time since we cannot skype.
Please keep us in your prayers!
Oh- people are wondering about the weather: wonderful sums it up! It is about 65 during the day with sun, then some clouds. We have had a little rain but nothing that is stopping us from working outside. God is blessing us with a wonderful trip!
Still having trouble with pictures, but we will keep trying.


  1. sounds like you are all making great strides on the building and the painting..the weather here has been humid, just like when you left..
    May God continue to bless your time in Equador, and for those coming home this week-end..May you have a safe trip..
    God Bless you all as we continue to pray for all you and the wonderful work you are doing...

  2. What an awesome blessing you are! And what a wonderful idea to also gift to give the miners...not just food, but also a few personal items! May God continue to bless your work and give you health and strength as the trip continues.
    Connie Beal

  3. Sarah; Allie is fine. You guys are in our prayers. God bless you and keep you.

  4. Hey Mom, it's Abbey. I hope you're having fun in Ecuador. Over here we all miss you. Tell everyone I said hi.
    Love ya:)

  5. What a tribute to the power of prayer in getting you in the gates at the dump! And what a blessing you were to those people there. Keep up the good work, but enjoy yourselves too.

  6. Dede, everything sounds so wonderful! You all are definitely in our prayers daily - may God continue to bless the work you are doing. Sam and I are so proud of you! ...Sherrill/Maw Maw

  7. Your account of getting past the gatekeeper, after a prayer in the bus, is a testimony of how God is breaking down barriers, so that you can help people in need. Thanks for asking for God's help when you hit that snag. There are some things we cannot do ourselves. God is willing to help, if we let Him.

  8. Thanks for the awesome update. God is certainly showing you that this is exactly where you all need to be. What a wonderful experience, can't wait to hear more and see pictures. Thanks for all you are doing.

  9. Wow that is so neat! Totally awesome how God comes through and you see it first hand. We serve an awesome Savior who can do anything, and nothing takes Him by surprise. Keep up the good work everyone and we are so proud of each of you. May God bless you with extra strength, lots of energy, a sense of humor, and a loving heart.

  10. Good morning Equadorian workers...your first group comes home today, may God watch over them and they have a safe trip home..To the rest of you,continued strength and love as you continue to spread His work by exanple with loving hearts.We miss you all..went to see a great movie last night..THe Smurf movie..
    Gods' peace to all of you.

  11. Hope the team is doing well and God is continuing to bless your efforts. Safe travel to all those heading out Saturday. We miss you all. It was GREAT to hear your voice yesterday
    dd. Be safe and enjoy the cool weather.

  12. Hope everybody is doing fantastic! Our kickball game today was semi-successful. We only had five players (I was the only girl) and we only lost 10-9 in the bottom of the last inning. But I pitched, plus I got 2 hits and I scored a run. Now we are off to Feeneys... that's what you get for having such nice weather :) We are all praying for you and I hope everything continues to go well.
    Love, Hannah